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American Series (out of stock) Truly American Coon Squaller

American Series (out of stock)

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$ 75.00

Truly American Coon Squaller

Product Detail:

When we say American Made, we mean it.
Bands- Cut and Lasered in Illinois
Tone Boards - Designed and molded in Missouri
Blanks- Cut by our own hand, and dried for years in our own shop.
Lanyards - Built by us, one at a time
All that combined becomes a finished coon squaller that was not only designed, built, and tuned from start to finish right here in our very own piece of North Missouri, but also grown here too!
The American Series calls are ONLY built from blanks we have produced ourselves or personally know the history of, and EVERY piece of wood we used in this series was grown (in some cases over centuries ago) in the U.S.A.
Each American Series call will carry our very own Phoenix Reed System, that has been modified to be EVEN LOUDER than the series 2. Each American Series call will be made from American woods, and each American Series call will be done start to finish right here at BSGC. No middle men, no metal reeds, no gimmicks...
Only pure American Craftsmanship