Q: What makes your calls so effective?

A: It is a combination of many things.  Reed configuration, material, barrel and insert bore size, as well as other factors make the BSGC line of calls the best out there

Q: Why a two piece design?

A: The main reason for a two piece call is convenience.  Like you I was tired of buying a new squaller every time something got stuck in my reeds.  With the two piece design the reeds are easily accessed to be cleaned or replaced.  

Q: How do I replace my reeds?

A: It is simple.  Push the old reed pack out, push the new reed pack in.  I recommend a little bit of silicon based glue (E6000) put on the rubber part of the reed pack

Q: Where do I order one?

A: All calls can be ordered from www.bigshowgamecalls.com, or from one of our dealers.  

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Here are some examples of hunters that choose to carry a call from BSGC.

Jess Dickerson - UKC World Champion, PKC National Champion

Al Noneman - PKC World Champion, 2 x PKC SS Champion

Ryan Crowson - PKC World Champion, PKC Truck Winner

Jed Finley - PKC National Champion, PKC World Hunt Finalist, CHKC World Hunt FInalist

Ryan Houghton - PKC Truck Hunt Finalist, 4 x PKC Pro Hunt Finalist

Wes Hamilton - 4 x Russ Meyer Winner, 2 x PKC SS Finalist, Labor Day Classic Champion, 2010 Pro Race Winner

Robbie Rhodes - CHKC World Hunt FInalist

Randy Steadman - CHKC Superbowl Winner, PKC SS Finalist

Kevin Cable - PKC Truck Winner, 3 x PKC SS Finalist, PKC Pro Hunt Winner, Ohio State Champion

Ricky Hawkins. - PKC Truck Winner, Arkansas State Champion, Russ Meyer Invitational Winner

Steve Yant - CHKC Little world hunt Champion. 3 x PKC SS Champion

These are all hunters that will be carrying the new Phoenix from BSGC into this years competition season. Proving that BSGC is the choice of CHAMPIONS.